A Willow Grows Aslant A Brook (Ophelia)
24" X 20"Acrylic on Canvas
Dani Lachuk
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A Willow Grows Aslant A Brook (Ophelia) is based on William Shakespeare's Hamlet, in which the character Ophelia is driven to madness by the murder of her father, the King, and the betrayal of her lover, Hamlet. The image portrays Ophelia moments before her death; she had collected wildflowers and climbed a willow tree, singing of her sorrows. The branch breaks and she drowns in the brook, singing to her death. The title is taken from a quote by the Queen, describing how she died. Ophelia was a much painted character by many Pre-Raphaelite artists. This painting references Millais' and Waterhouse's renditions of the figure.