Dani Lachuk's original paintings and prints are currently displayed at:

Robert's Custom Framers 559 Lawrence Ave. Kelowna, BC. 250-861-5799
Smart Frames and Accents 125-9855 Austin Rd. Burnaby, BC.604-422-8483
Academie Duello 412 West Hastings St. Vancouver, BC. 604-568-9907
Blood and Iron Vancouver, BC. 604-781-3407


Artwalk 2015, Lake Country, BC

It began with a Goddess. At a young age, I became fascinated with a National Geographic clipping of Venus de Milo. Needless to say, my romantic self became smitten with classical based art and subject matter. I found myself drawn to the romantic and tragic mythologies and historic accounts of the Greeks and Romans.

I began to incorporate classical subject matter into my artwork, with a concentration on the figure, portraiture and the personification of allegories. As my study of historical artists continued, my paintings took on a more narrative, illustrative display of the figure based on classical literature of Alfred Lord Tennyson, Alfred Noyes, and William Shakespeare in reference to Pre-Raphaelite subject matter.

There is something to be said about the great Masters of times past. They are remembered and admired for the beauty and awe that their works continue to bestow upon its viewers, hundreds of years later. I intend for my artwork to pay tribute to these creations that have touched my life, empowering myself as a wilful individual, and a hopeless romantic.